Friday, April 18, 2014

Five Ways to Have More Love in Your Life Right Now

Nothing needs to happen first for you to have love. YOU can take charge and fill your life with love right now.
1.    Give it. This is the number one way to have love because it is without a doubt THE single most effective way to have it. Find someone that could use some of your TLC and give it to them. We’re all so focused on what others can give us, it will be an incredible gift for that person, and will feel even better for you than it does for them.
2.    Focus on what you love. I call this “reverse complaining” and it works miracles. Ask yourself: “What do I love?” or “What am I in love with?” The trick is to ask and answer this consistently, especially when you notice thoughts that feel awful.
3.    Don’t covet, love it! Bless that which you want. Say, “I’m so happy for you!” every time that you see someone having, being or doing something that you want and mean it.
4.    Write a thank you letter to someone you feel truly grateful for. Sincerely tell them all of the ways that they’ve made your life better. Extra points if you send it!
5.    Praise the best in others. Instead of pointing out what bugs you, notice only the things that you like. Then – TELL THEM ABOUT IT!

I challenge you to do all five of these consistently for one week, I bet you can!

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