Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love and Closeness Challenge #28: Believed In

There are few more wonderful feelings in the world than the one of being truly believed in. There are few more awful feelings in the world than knowing someone believes that you can't do something, it's like they are saying that you are not good enough.
We all want high self esteem and to see ourselves in the best possible light. We want to feel that we can do or be whatever it is that we set out to do or be. We want to believe in ourselves. When someone else gives us the gift of believing in us, it makes it easier to believe in ourselves. It increases our self esteem and our confidence and creates within us a more positive self view.
Although we can argue that we shouldn't need this validation from others, we all do. We are, by our very natures as human beings, interdependent. It's wonderful when others do this for us, however we can't control others, we can only control ourselves. Giving this validation is a form of positive energy that you pour into the relationship cup. Of course the more positive you put in, the better.
If you would like to raise another person's view of themselves to a higher level and make them feel good, then give them your vote of confidence. Let them know that you believe in them, that you know that they can be whoever it is that they want to be and do whatever it is that they would like to do.
In truth, we are all empty vessels filled with a void of unrealized potentials. Each one of us is capable of doing anything that another human being has done. The only limits are the limits that we put on ourselves. So, your beloved truly is capable of doing and being whatever he/she chooses. Put your faith in them and let them know that you have faith in them.

Think of your loved one right now. What is it that they most want to do, be or have? Have you been supportive or have you been a dream squisher? Remember there is nothing that they can't do and your vote of confidence and your faith in them and in their dreams is a gift of love. No one ever became great by believing that they couldn't do something. Tell them sincerely that you know that they can do whatever it is that they set their mind to. Don't allow them to put themselves down. Be there to remind them of their limitless potential. This is not to push them to do anything, but to help them to recognize the truth: that they are as capable as any other human is or ever has been. Believe in them. 

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