Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Love and Closeness Challenge Index

You are either your partner's ally and friend in his life, or his opponent and enemy. You are either creating warm closeness and true love or you are creating cold distance and contempt. In my mind, and what helps me stay on my "A game" is to know that there is no neutral actions. With every action you are either building the kind of relationship you want, or you are tearing it apart. This is not meant to make you feel insecure, but rather to keep your eye on the prize. I have below a list of the past daily "Love and Closeness Challenges" and I hope you will participate. However, know that the most important thing to remember is your ultimate intentions which are something similar to: "I intend to have the most warmly close and truly loving relationship ever" and "I intend to be the best partner possible". All of the information in this blog is to help you meet those goals.

Challenges in order:
1. Using Loving Words:

2.Let Go of All Agendas:

3. Take 100% Responsibility:

4. Giving Freedom to Yourself and the Other:

5. Learning to Speak the Other's Love Language:

6. Acknowledgment:

7. A Sense of Purpose:

8. Loving Yourself Truly and Deeply:

9. Play Time:

10: Admiration:

11. Affection:

12. Competence:

13. Becoming Whole:

14. Forgiven:

15. Recreational Companionship:

16. Appreciation:

17. Openness:

18. Capable:

19. Making Friends with Your Higher Self:

20. Forgiving:

21. Sex

22. Approval

23. Vulnerability

24. Challenged

25. Treat Yourself the Way You Would Have A Loving Mate Treat You

26. Helped

27. Mixing Things Up

28. Believed In

29. Friendship


31. Be The Best You

Challenges by categories:

    Taking Care of Yourself
1. Taking 100% Responsibility

    Security and Comfort

 1. Acceptance
* Let go of your agendas and your ideas of how he should be:

2. Forgiven

3. Forgiving

4. Helped

5. Autonomy

6. Honesty

7. Control

8. Commitment

9. Privacy

10. Cared about
Learning to give love to the other in the way that they prefer to help them feel cared about:

11. Safe

12. Clear (not confused) 

13. Powerful

14. Supported 

15. Treated fairly 

16. In control

17. Reassured

18. Self-esteem

19. Support

20. Trusted

21. Trust in others

12. Heard

13. Important 

14. Listened to

15. Needed

16. Noticed 

17. Respected

18. Valued 

19. Worthy

20. Recognized

Love and Connection

1. Loving communication
Use the power of your words wisely. They deeply effect your partner:

2. Affection

3. Openness

4. Vulnerability

5. Friendship

6. Intimacy

7. Belonging

8. Emotionally connected

9. Community

10. Sexual fulfillment

11. Conversation

12. Intellectual attraction

13. Emotional attraction

14. Physical attraction

15. Spiritual attraction

16. Cooperation

Growth and Contribution

1. Purpose:

2. Competence

3. Capable

4. Challenged

5. Fulfilled

6. Productive

7. Understanding

8. Helpful

9. Useful

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