Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love and Closeness Challenge #7: A Sense of Purpose

What is purpose? The definition of purpose is:  
1. The object toward which one strives or for which something exists; an aim or a goal.
2. A result or effect that is intended or desired; an intention. 
3. Determination; resolution.
4. The matter at hand; the point at issue.

Purpose is the reason something is done; the reason it existsSynonyms of purpose are: motive, reason, resolve, steadfastness, determination, drive, enthusiasm, intention, plan, aim, mean and goal.
What is the reason that your relationship exists? What is the true purpose? What is the ultimate intention or goal of your relationship? 
Before you answer too quickly, think hard. When I asked this question to a friend, she said, "To bring one another joy and love." This is a beautiful answer, I like it. One of the purposes of a loving relationship is to bring love and joy to the other. However, her answer is incomplete.
The deeper purpose of loving relationships, whatever relationship that may be, is to learn to become more whole and more unconditionally loving. To sum it up and put it in a sentence: The deep purpose of relationship is to grow spiritually and become more whole and unconditionally loving. 
What does this mean? If we weren't challenged by others, if other human beings didn't exist, think of how easy life would be. It would be simple and uncomplicated. You wouldn't be annoyed by careless drivers, hurt by your spouse's harsh words, angry at your rebellious teenager or exhausted by your crying baby. You would be completely free and able to do whatever you want whenever you wanted. There would be nothing to challenge you to grow, nothing to help you to be a better, more whole person. To be more whole means to need nothing outside of yourself to complete you. When you are whole, you don't need anyone to bring something to you because you aren't missing anything. When you are whole you are free to give love generously. 
Although many of us fantasize about people just being as they should be and living up to the roles we designed them for them to play, that would defeat the purpose of relationships. Your mate may not always do what pleases you. Your purpose is to grow and become a more whole being by dealing with the challenge of being unconditionally loving. This is no easy task and requires a great deal of fortitude. 

Your challenge for today is to write down the true purpose of your relationship. Write it in big bold letters, or print the intention written below.

The deeper purpose of my 


is to grow spiritually and become


unconditionally loving, whole and

complete everyday.

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