Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Love and Closeness Challenge #11: Affection

Affection is defined as a gently feeling of fondness, liking, warmth, devotion, tenderness, caring, friendship. To be affectionate is to readily show these feelings. Why is it important to be affectionate? Some people would say that they are not that affectionate. I feel that there are several reasons they feel this way. First they are probably assuming that to be affectionate means to be physically affectionate, cuddly and touchy. Some people don't need to be touched that much and don't express love primarily through touch. They should be aware of how the other person feels loved, and if they like to be touched then affectionate touching is a way to give love to them.
Another reason I feel that people say that they aren't affectionate is even simpler: their heart is hardened. If you are hardened in this way, or if your partner is hardened, it's time now to soften yourself or to look beyond the hardened parts of your partner.
I'd like you to, whether you feel inspired to or not, show affection for your mate today. The act of giving love doesn't have to wait for inspiration. You can be affectionate right now, no matter what your relationship has been like recently.

Your challenge today is to do something to show your affection for him that will feel good for him. To get some ideas to give affection in a way that will feel good for him, there are several things that you can do. Remember a time that you demonstrated affection for him that you could tell felt good for him. What did you say or do? Or remember something that he did to give affection to you. Many times people will give what they want for themselves.  If you can't remember anything that you or he has said or done to give affection in the past, you can try something a little different. Find a quiet place and sit or lie down. Breathe deeply and relax as much as you can. Ask yourself "What can I do to show affection to my mate in a way that will make him feel wonderful?". Then simply think some warm thoughts about him. Get into it, really feel warm feelings for him as a man, as your mate and as a person. Spend as much time feeling these warm, loving feelings for him until inspiration hits. If you simply think the warm thoughts and feel the warm feelings an idea will pop into your head about something that you can do to show affection. 

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