Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Happy Couple Interview with Emily Carnes

Thank you Emily for allowing me to interview you. You can find Emily on her wonderful, inspiring blog Be Blessed Ya'll (I love that title). 

A little about myself: 
I grew up in a small town in Georgia, and am LOVING being back.  I got my degree in Early Childhood Education, and am currently a kindergarten Teacher's Assistant at a local elementary school.  It's so wonderful, and I'm hoping that I'll have my own classroom this time next year!  When I'm not teaching?  I spend my time blogging (at Be Blessed Y'all) and learning to embroider/sew!

How'd we meet:
Andrew and I actually grew up in the same small town, and went to high school together! Although, we were really just friends of friends until college.  Andrew's best friend went to school in Savannah, and the three of us hung out often!  And, I guess, the rest is history. :)

What our relationship is like:
I love that he and I are able to just goof off and be so funny, but that he and I can have great conversations as well.  The funny thing?  He and I were friends before we started dating, and would always "complain" to each other about there not being any wonderful people out there.  We would both pray that God would just put the person we were supposed to be with right in front of us....and all along, there we were!

Biggest challenge we've overcome?
Andrew and I are complete opposites when it comes to socializing. We've really had to figure out situations to put ourselves in.  Examples? I love to be surrounded by TONS of people.  Always.  Andrew? He'd be content never leaving the house!  Our compromises? Double dates...dinner parties with friends...taking dancing lessons...etc.  Open communication is key!

Most helpful book I've read?
Honestly, there are TONS.  I just recently read "My so-called life as a Proverb's 31 wife" and I LOVED it.  I strive to be the best wife I can in our relationship, and this came me a true, concrete example of what it looks like to TRY and be the perfect wife.  Such a real portrayal!

Best advice about relationships?
I guess this wasn't specifically relationship advice, but I think it can apply to anything.  "Don't compare your Chapter 3 to someone else's Chapter 20."  I just LOVE this so much...because it's so easy to get caught up in who is buying a house/having children/etc., when I should be focusing on us.  The here and now!

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