Friday, May 3, 2013

The Challenge and the Gift

I believe that we are all divine, spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. We are using these amazing vehicles called our bodies that we are borrowing; learning our lessons on this wonderful Earth school. We get to experience the miracle of life every single day. I won't pretend to know what the greater purpose for all of this living in a human body is, but I know that there is one. It seems to me that in this life we will never be able to know our own depths, we will never be able to conceive of the wonders of our own inner world. 
The world outside of us is created by us, we change what is happening on a quantum level when we observe what is "going on around us". We can never not be an observer, so therefore we can never not create and be creators. We are powerful and wise beyond what we can imagine. Inside of us is every piece of the universe, all of the planets and stars, all that is everywhere. Energy isn't always tangible, and so all ideas, all questions and all of the answers to the questions that have ever existed or will ever exist is within you, right now. You, yes you, the reader, have infinite potential. You are eternal, all loving and infinitely wise. The kicker is: so is everyone else.
One of the greatest challenges in our lives, as well as one of the greatest gifts is our relationships and experiences with other human beings. If you were by yourself on this planet, you may have to find ways to survive, you may have to contend with the wild forces of nature, but you would never be challenged in the unique way that only another person can challenge you. Herein lies the gift as well: other humans help us to learn more about ourselves, to evolve, to become more accepting, more loving, more truly ourselves and more whole. 
The enormous gifts that others bring to us is priceless and irreplaceable  You will not find such depth of experience or potential for awakening with anything you could ever buy, in any place you could ever travel, or with any other sentient being. Why? Because human beings are reflections of our infinite inner self. Although the entire universe is a mirror of us, human beings more accurately and specifically show us, up close and personal what it is we most need to give our attention to. They are more like us than any other object or sentient being and so they reflect most clearly what we need to see in ourselves in order to evolve, grow, and become whole. 
In this way, the people around you are wiser than you are and they are all assisting you immensely  Everyone, from the mailman, to our spouse and children, the people who please us, the people we couldn't care less about and the people who piss us off, are all wiser than us and are all doing what they do to guide us on our journey through life. Through others we learn what we must do to awaken and become enlightened. These are inevitable lessons for our benefit. However, we can choose to resist this guidance and it will be shown to us again and again until we decide to learn and work with what is happening to create change within ourselves and therefore our lives. This is one way of dealing with the stuff that comes up, and definitely the way that I dealt with things for most of my life and my emotional distress, troubled relationships and my entire life was a direct reflection of that. As it always is a reflection of what we are deciding to be.
There is an option that is much more conducive to your spiritual growth. You can decide, right now to view others as infinitely wise guides and teachers who know what your best self and what your greatest life is. You can choose to see them as doing everything that they do as an effort to get you there while at the same time helping you to be awake to and appreciative of the life you are living in this moment. When we decide to really look at others as our wise teachers and guides that want only to assist us in being our best and living our best life, a few wonderful things happen. We become open to learning the lessons and we grow and evolve as a result. The lessons help us to see the bigger picture and to find our own truest truths and with this great awareness we transform to become more connected to everything, more kind, compassionate, understanding and loving. Others are seen in a new light, even the people who we never took the time to notice or appreciate or the people we can't stand to be around are individuals worthy of your acceptance, respect and possibly eventually your loving kindness. Your relationships with the "special" people in your life (lovers, family and friends) will improve because you know that when conflict arises it is an opportunity to look closer at yourself and discover the places that you are stuck instead of blaming them and playing the outworn part of victim. 
I'm certainly not perfect and many times I forget that others are wiser than me and are helping me to become more whole. I get upset sometimes at silly things because I'm in a bad mood and don't want to deal with it. I take things personally and feel like a victim. Everything that I suggest I have at one time (probably multiple times) failed at miserably. I know that you aren't perfect either, but you can start today to intend to be open to seeing the wisdom and assistance others are offering you. You can choose to stop blaming and look within at the ways in which you can change and grow. You can take a baby step or two in the direction of appreciating everyone in your life, including the difficult people. Our relationships lays before us a clear and unique path to wholeness and awakening and our willingness to take responsibility and look within is the vehicle in which we travel this path.   

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